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Feb 6, 2018
What is your Minecraft username? MrChickenJr

What is your age? 15

Where are you located, and what is your timezone? I am located in the United Kingdom and my time one is BMT

How many hours a week do you have time to work on ProperPvP (on average)? Everyday 6-8 hours a day

How long have you played ProperPvP for? Since day one and I’m ready to play for a hole lot longer.

Why are you applying for staff? I am applying for staff because I would like the properpvp community to thrive and grow as it was before with a safe place for minecraft players to enjoy also I am applying because I am very loyal to Properpvp and I will always be.

Why should we consider you as a staff of ProperPvP? You should consider me for the staff team because I know where properpvp started and it has always been a great place the developers are amazing at there job and the players are very competitive this shows that I know a lot about the server and what the expectations are. The rules set are rules that have to be obeyed by. Again I can show my loyalty towards the team and properpvp by the time and effort I have put in the the server to try make it a better place for people like me who love pvp. I do take things pretty lightly in some situations, unless it is serious i have already caught hackers since the opening of properpvp and i have also caught racist behavior. I have pretty good speaking skills if i ever have to contact another player regarding a problem on discord or the website i also have access to a microphone so i can speak to people if needed.

Do you have any experience with moderating Minecraft servers, assisting players or running servers? Can you give any examples? I have run many servers of my own which didn’t get very successful (payment problems). I’ve been staff on a few big past servers such as BrickPrison which was very big at some point at BrickPrison i was a helper, i played it for about a year and they used to congratulate me on my efforts. I became staff there because it was a server i could stick at and PVP, build etc.
Not open for further replies.