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Feb 27, 2018
What is your Minecraft username?
My Minecraft ursename is Dreex_ ( i never changed )

What is your age?

I am 12 , i am turning to 13 in March
Where are you located, and what is your timezone?

I live in Mandelieu , a little city in France in Europe.
How many hours a week do you have time to work on ProperPvP (on average)?
That depends on my work time but i can usually spend an minimum of 3-4 hours per day , a lot of hours in the Week-End ( like 10 hours the Saturday and then the Sunday )

How long have you played ProperPvP for?

I am an very old ProperPvP Player , i've starting playing it around 2014-2015 , so i'm not a simple player , i know everything of the server ( secrets etc ... ) and i will never quit ( ProperPvP Squad :3 ). I love the server and i really thanks to all the Staff who contribute on the server ( Rock the Dev , D8N the Founder etc ) and all my friends ( Speckz , Chicken .... ). I had a lot of friends :D

Why are you applying for staff?

I am applying for Staff cause i wanted to apply on the V2 but the recruitements were closed so :/ . I would like to apply and try my luck to become a Staff Member and contribute to the server because i know all of it , fun stuff , crazy moments , every versions , had a lot of friends , an high experience , i can help building a bit , helping a bit for developpement too , i am a very good moderator or administrateur but i think that a lot of players too ( Central_Agent etc .... ) . I am applying to help catching hackers , answer all questions of players , i would like to build some maps for the server , punish hackers or direspect members , i want to be a very good Staff , give my experience to others ( i can help the server to become more famous if i become a Community-Manager etc .... ) i can read recruitment forms etc .... ( i can be a Good Community-Manager ) , but i can contribute to the developpement ( make a good web-site .... ) . I would like to make the server happy , nice and friendly ! :p

What position are you applying for?

I want to apply for Admin to contribute on ( Building , moderation , developpement , management .... ) but if i can't i would like to apply for Mod.
Why should we consider you as a staff of ProperPvP?

I think that i can be accepted as a moderator cause the moderator need to be friendly , active , doing good job , loyal , respected , experienced ( know how the moderation work , how to screenshare or conversely , be nice and appreciated by players.

The moderator needs to never abuse his permissions ( god , giving stuff to himself or punish ( mute or ban ) a player for no reason , respect all the rules ( no hack , respect Staff or players , .... )

I promise that i will never break the rules or trying to break it , give all my free time to the server and always helps out and punish ( every player who try to break server rules ).

Do you have any experience the position you are applying for? Can you provide any examples?

I've been Staff on many servers and i've learned how to be a very good Staff Member . I runned a small server before but i stopped cause of insufficient free time .

My Staff experience started when i became Helper ( i answersed questions of players , helping them ( but no give or similar things ), teaching to the new players of the server work and teaching them 1 hour what do they need to do , they appreciated me and the server ( i don"t rememberr the name :'c ) decided to rankup me do of my efforts , i"m was very happy . When i ranked up as an Admin , i helped bulding ( i maked a lot of maps ) , i started Java and others . 1 year after , the server was hacked by an hacker team ( i could not do anything because i still did not have enough experience as Staff ( i was good but not enough to be a perfect Staff member ) .

After , i started to make my own server with my old best friend , do of he was a very good builder but not me , he builded all the server maps and i developped it . I loved him cause he teached me how to build . I added ranks , plugins that i made myself , and others ). I started doing publicity for the server ( we were around 50-75 members ) when i maked a lot of Events etc to upgrade our server . 7 months later , we decided to disband our serverdo of insuficient free time .

In November 2017 , i became Staff on an another server ( an Pratice server ) that i learned a lot ( How to catch hackers who use Vape , an Regedit and others ) but the server owners decided to disband him cause they hated their job and manage a server .

With all the servers that i've became Staff Member and learned different things ( management , moderation , Community Management , redaction , building , Animation .... ) i think that i'm ready to apply for Staff on ProperPvP ;)

( ask me if you want to see my different builds )

I am sorry to :

Central who i hackusated him to fly ( but that was invisible barrers ) .

Now i know all of the server but before i knowed all except the invisible barrers that were added on this new version of ProperPvP )

Before i end :

My fault is that i hate teamers ( i think its ruin the pvp and brings a tryhard spirit ).

That's all for me , i hope you enjoyed reading this application , thank you and see you next time :geek:


New member
Feb 27, 2018
Thank you Nedder for this positive comment ! and yeahh i see an big error

" administrateur " , that's administrator in French :)
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