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Jan 30, 2018
Hey guys, hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend! After weeks of hard work, we're excited to finally announce the grand opening of ProperPvP!

The last two years have been a fantastic journey. The leadership team and myself had an amazing experience these last two years. We can agree that there have been a lot of memorable moments, and unmemorable moments. Today marks the beginning of something huge. ProperPvP has grown and evolved over its lifetime into an awesome and unique kit pvp server.

We've restructured ProperPvP into TWO regional servers, North America and Europe. The NA server is located in Quebec, Canada, and the EU server is located in France. The server has been restructured to use Bungee, and has multiple lobbies. Currently both the NA and EU servers have three lobbies. As players connect to a server, they'll join one of these lobbies with a custom algorithm designed to efficiently distribute players.

So let's talk about your player data (ranks, perms, kits, inventory, vaults, enderchests, etc). When you play on a server, your data will synchronize across ALL servers. If you play on any lobby on a North American server, your data will synchronize to all NA lobbies, and all EU lobbies. If a lobby goes offline, or if you wish to play with your friends on a different regional server, you don't have to worry about losing data. Your data will automagically synchronize over.

It took a lot of effort to implement player data synchronization and to scale ProperPvP. We hope you will enjoy these awesome changes as ProperPvP continues on track to become a fantastic KitPvP network.

These changes are still early in development, and may have minor issues. Please bare with us if you encounter any bugs or minor inconveniences. If you encounter any data loss or have any issues/concerns, please PM me on discord, or create a private thread in our bugs board, and try to attach screenshots/videos:

You can connect to either the North American or European servers using these IPs:


Thanks, and have an awesome day and Happy Mother's Day!
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