New buy and sell signs

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Jan 30, 2018
Currently working on a new system for ProperPvP, a custom implementation of buy and sell signs. This will allow us to manage these signs throughout the maps and automatically adjust prices.

Several months ago, we noticed players were camping buy and sell signs, especially the higher values. We decided to roll out our own system to be able to inflate prices. If there are a certain amount of players within a specific range of a certain item buy/sell sign, it will slowly reduce or raise the price.

Here's a video demonstration:

In this video, when we approach 15 blocks of a fireball sell sign, the price will reduce 30% every 2 seconds and will limit to $0.25. If we are more than 15 blocks away from the sign, the price will restore to the original price 25% per second. For the bread buy sign, the price will increase by 50% every 2 seconds, if the player is within 5 blocks of the sign and limits to $500, otherwise it will reduce 30% until it reaches the original price.

In a future update, I will probably adjust the signs to have higher inflation when you use the sign instead.

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)